CarboPro600 Hydra C5 - Enduring Energy Mix for any Sport - 600 calories pouch - Comprehensive advanced formulation with 10 functional ingredients. $9.95
    CarboPro600 Hydra C5 - Enduring Energy Mix for any Sport - 600 calories pouch - Comprehensive advanced formulation with 10 functional ingredients. $9.95

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CarboPro600 Hydra C5
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CarboPro600 Hydra C5 (CP600-HYDRAC5)

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CarboPro600 Hydra C5

HYDRA C5 CarboPro 600 5.8 oz / 165 g

for hours of excellence in any sport



SUSTAMINETM (a dipeptide; absorption of water, electrolytes, carbs); CARNOSYN® (patented amino acid, it increases strength and endurance) and BETAPOWERTM improves power, force and maintenance in exercise) and SODIUM & POTASSIUM ELECTROLYTES

HYDRA C5 ENDURANCE MATRIX is a comprehensive advanced formulation with 10 functional ingredients. It works through multiple metabolic pathways and physiological levels to optimize athletic performance even under the most strenuous conditions. The MATRIX contains 5 different kinds of carbs, 1 patented amino acid, 1 trademarked di-peptide, 1 trademarked osmolyte and 2 key electrolytes.

The 5 carbs form 5 different substrates, and so each flows through a separate pathway, however simultaneously, to generate, restore, and maintain depleted energy reserves.
C1 is the same high quality complex carb found in CARBO-PRO a premium fuel absorbed quickly; C2 is Dextrose, a source of instant energy and a metabolic intermediate; C3 is Cluster Dextrin® a heavy weight carbohydrate, provides rapid calories; C4 is Trehalose, a naturally occurring disaccharide, an antioxidant, helps with rehydration; C5 is D-Ribose, a naturally occurring pentose sugar, helps with the recovery of myocardial or skeletal muscle ATP levels following high-intensity exercise. With 5 carbs, it’s like opening 5 gates simultaneously to allow a large crowd to enter a huge football stadium, instead of opening just 1 or 2 gates.

BetaPowerTM an osmolyte, SustamineTM a di-peptide, and CarnoSyn® a patented amino acid, work together to protect cells, proteins, & enzymes from environmental stress; improve performance in heat; enhance both aerobic & anaerobic metabolism; help in fat metabolism; enhance electrolyte and water absorption; stimulate muscle glycogen synthesis; inhibit muscle protein breakdown; increase time to exhaustion under conditions of mild dehydration; help buffering lactic acid, and increase strength and endurance while speeding recovery. Sodium and Potassium are electrolytes.

HOW TO USE: Mix 1 serving (55 grams) in 16 oz. of water and drink during activity to get 200 calories. There are 600 calories in this bag; if you are below 150 lb. you have 3 hours of great energy to train or race. If you are above 150 lb. you have about 2 hours of energy. You need 1 bag for a marathon; 2 bags for a 70.3 and 3 or 4 bags for an Ironman.

The statements on this label have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Manufactured for:
Robust Systems Solutions, 101 Convention Center Drive,
Suite 700, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Ph: 1.888.300.1600

a functional formula for power, strength, endurance

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