Cobb Cycling MAX $199.99
    Cobb Cycling MAX $199.99

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Cobb Cycling MAX
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Cobb Cycling MAX (COBB-MAX)

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Cobb Cycling MAX


The Max saddle continues the line of rider friendly saddles developed with the thought of comfort and speed. The saddle comes in both Black and White, and was developed by John Cobb for maximum rider comfort for both Triathlon riding and road riding. The lowered nose section combined with the deep cut relief trough will relieve pressure in the prostate/perinea area for men and the soft tissue area for women. The narrow rear section comes from the extremely popular and successful VFlow series but is made with an all new higher density foam. Ongoing tests have shown that a harder saddle foam is more comfortable over longer distances, Cobb developed a new foam that will save weight while adding comfort. The seat rail design of the new Max seat will also make it much easier for rider to achieve the proper seat setback for U.C.I. races. With one of the longest rail lengths of any of the “triathlon” type saddles, the max will easily be adjustable to find the ultimate position. The Max weighs 270Gr. and has a unique shape that is very rider friendly.

Notable Pro Riders who choose the Cobb Max:

*Dotsie Bausch *Pip Taylor *Michael Coughlin *Kristopher Jorgenson

Seat Installation Tips

Thank you for purchasing one of our Cobb Cycling saddles. I have spent many hours and miles arriving at these seat designs so that you can be more comfortable on your bike. In the seat box there will be a tool kit with all the tools needed to change out your new seat. There is also a very good DVD to help walk you through the steps to install your new saddle.

We have gone to great lengths so that you do not have to go to your local bike shop just to install this seat. Many times, consumers will buy a product "on line" and then they are embarrassed to have to take their bike in to a shop to have that product put on, we are solving that for you. Watch the video, read these instructions or just call Cobb Cycling, we want you to enjoy this seat and experience the speed and comfort that it can offer. I realize that there is no perfect bike seat yet, there is no "one size fits all" and that the bike seat is the thing most people remember about their rides. Our goal is to help you get this saddle installed correctly on your bike, help you adjust your bike to be more comfortable and help you to enjoy the sport of cycling.

Seat Installation TipsSeat Installation Tips


1: Start by using the supplied tape measure and record the current seat height on your bike. You can use any reference points for this. We generally use a distance that is from the center of the cranks to the top of the seat, measured to the mid point of the saddle.

2: Remove the old seat. Generally, one of the Allen wrenches will be needed for this but occasionally you might need the 8/10mm open end wrench. On some seat post designs, you will need to use the 8mm end of the wrench to help set the seat tilt. You can do it, it's not hard, it's not rocket science, you don't have to take your bike to a shop to have this seat installed.

Seat Installation Tips

3: Start by getting the new seat loosely installed on the seat post, setting the new saddle level or just a little nose high by 1-2mm.

4: Next, adjust the front to rear setting of the saddle by starting with the nose of the seat the same distance from the center of the handle bars that your fore arm is long. Use the tape measure to arrive at this number. Measure from the end of the middle finger, with the fingers extended, to the back of your elbow. This will be the closest distance [seat nose to bar center] and may end up 1/2 - 3/4" longer, depending on your upper body to leg length ratio.

5: Now recheck you seat height. Use the tape measure that came with the tools in your seat box and find your inseam length. Do this by first, taking off your shoes. Measuring from the floor, hold the tape end at the floor and measure up to the side of your knee joint. Then measure from your knee joint up to the top of your crotch.

Seat Installation Tips

Measure that distance pretty tight. Then, a simple reference is to multiply your inseam number by .889 and that would be a good seat height point. It will be pretty close and you can adjust a small amount from there if needed. Compare that to your original seat height number as a reference.

Seat Installation Tips

6: Tighten all the bolts and go for a ride. If your hands feel "heavy", raise the nose of the saddle slightly to relieve that pressure. Raising the nose 1-2mm higher than the back of the seat will transfer the weight from your hands to the seat, it will be much more comfortable this way.

Seat Installation Tips

If you feel high "pressure" in your crotch or soft tissue, you might need to "rotate" the saddle to relieve this. Most bike seat post allow for the rotation to the right or left side, one direction will feel much better than the other. Try it, it will be noticeable right away. It may take one or two tries to get the seat nose just right but don't have it pointing nose down.

Another thing that goes against normal thinking is that we often have to raise the saddle nose to take pressure off of "Soft Tissue" or the crotch "nerve bundle". Raising the nose will help you rotate your pelvis and let you slide back into the natural valley that is moulded into the seat. Proper pelvic rotation is a major key to riding happiness. Rotating your pelvis forward will free up your breathing and bring in the more powerful back and Glute muscles to ride with. This may take a little practice but it is well worth the trouble. It will open your diaphragm area for much improved breathing.

Seat Installation Tips

There are many more tips on the DVD, we want you to enjoy the saddle and enjoy your cycling experience.

John Cobb

How To Sit On A Bicycle

I've been watching riders for many years now and it has really become apparent that most new riders never learned to sit on their bike seats correctly. I'm going to give a quick overview of something that really works, will make you more comfy and will make you "look right" on the bicycle. Most riders sit on their seats like they sit in a chair, then they bend forward at the waist.

The way to do it is slide back on the seat and roll forward on the front part of your crotch. This should rotate your pelvic bone. (A) forward and down. None of this can usually be done comfortably unless you rotate your seat a little bit to the right or left side of the bike. This applies to men and women riders. Look at the illustrations or call if you have any questions.

- John Cobb

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