FRS Healthy Energy Chews - Patented Blend of Quercetin + Vitamins. $19.95
    FRS Healthy Energy Chews - Patented Blend of Quercetin + Vitamins. $19.95

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FRS Healthy Energy Chews
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FRS Healthy Energy Chews (FRS-chews)

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FRS Healthy Energy Chews

FRS is becoming the performance drink of choice among competitive cyclists and triathletes for its ability to boost endurance and neutralize free radicals that increase muscle soreness, fatigue and injury risk.

"FRS is different, it's a healthy choice for energy that last hours not minutes. It fits in line with me wanting to live to be ninety. It fits in line with me wanting to keep running marathons, riding my bike, being fit and having fun." – Lance Armstrong
    Thirty two cents of every case of FRS chews sold goes to the Lance Armstrong Foundation,

Soft Chews

FRS Soft Chews are individually wrapped in a 30 bag and are ideal for travel. Simply unwrap and eat. you can keep them in your gym bag, handbag or car so they are there whenever you need them.

Flavors: Orange, Lemon-Lime and Pomegranate Blueberry
Chews per bag: 30 count
Serving format: 2 chews per serving (equivalent to an 8oz FRS beverage)
Servings per bag: 15

What's in FRS?

A patented, scientifically formulated supplement, FRS combines some of nature's most powerful flavonoid antioxidants with key vitamins and metabolic enhancers.

Daily intake of FRS gives many athletes a feeling of smooth, sustained energy throughout the day. Many athletes experience improved energy during workouts, improved exercise performance as well as shorter recovery times.

FRS is available as a beverage concentrate, powder, ready to drink beverage and a convenient chew.

Antioxidant Synergy

The key active ingredients are the flavonoid antioxidants quercetin and the catechins. The formula has been designed to enhance the performance of the flavonoids through the integration of seven key vitamins and metabolic enhancers.

A recent animal study measuring the oral absorption efficiency of quercetin in FRS demonstrated that FRS significantly increased the concentration of quercetin in blood plasma, compared to a quercetin tablet. Significantly, the study findings suggest that the combination of ingredients in FRS extends the duration of an effective level of quercetin in the blood, which is an important factor in enhancing quercetin's overall effectiveness.


Quercetin is known as a potent antioxidant that helps fight free radicals that can cause cellular damage. Primary sources of quercetin are blueberries, red onions, apples and spinach. A number of clinical studies have linked quercetin with mood enhancement, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and long term health benefits.

Green Tea Catechins

Catechins, the flavonoids from green tea, have strong antioxidant properties. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the primary type of catechin found in FRS, is the most powerful of the catechins. Researchers at the University of Kansas Lawrence have found that EGCG is 100 times more potent than vitamin C in protecting cells and DNA from free radical damage in vitro. (results presented at the 1997 American Chemical Society meeting)

FRS is designed to help athletes boost energy during workouts, enhance performance and speed recovery.

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