Footbalance Race - Offers maximum performance for pro or active skiers, skaters and snowboarders $79.99
    Footbalance Race - Offers maximum performance for pro or active skiers, skaters and snowboarders $79.99

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Footbalance Race Footbed
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Footbalance Race Footbed (FB-WRACE)

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Footbalance Race Footbed

Dynamic Blue

Offers maximum performance for pro or active skiers, skaters and snowboarders. Developed with members of the Finnish Alpine Ski Team, resulting in a super thin and stiff insole for the most demanding conditions. The sister model Race Heat is the first 100% custom footbed on the market with a built-in heating element from Therm-ic.

Thin enough to comfortably fit tight boots and skates, making it suitable for any sport where tight-fighting, rigid soled footwear is used such as skiing, skating and cycling.


  • Efficient power transfer for better edging
  • Slim profile minimizes additional heel lift
  • Adds comfort and support to rigid footwear

Perfect for

  • Narrow, tight boots and footwear with a rigid or semi-rigid sole

Size: 34-52

  • Cushioning: 1
  • Stiffness: 2
  • Surface Material: D-200 Silver Ion
  • Weight (size 42): ˜ 1.73 oz / 49 g



Don't see your question here? Feel free to get in touch with us.

What is the guarantee for Footbalance custom footbeds?

Footbalance Custom Footbeds 30-Day Comfort GuaranteeAt Footbalance we want you to try our insoles without worry. That's why we backup Footbalance custom footbeds with a 30-Day Comfort Guarantee. If you find a defect or are unsatisfied with your Footbalance insoles, simply return them to your retailer within 30 days of your purchase for a refund or replacement.

How long does it take to make the insoles?

The Footbalance analysis and molding of the insoles combined take under ten minutes from start to finish. You can test the insoles on-the-spot and start wearing them right away, straight out of the shop.

Are there any possible adverse side-effects from wearing Footbalance insoles?

If made and used properly - no. When made to your anatomical arch, in the neutral position, Footbalance insoles do not cause harm. They may cause discomfort at first because their body needs to adjust to their new alignment and muscles which may have been on holiday.

Be sure to follow the instructions and start wearing the insoles gradually. To start with, wear the insoles only for a few hours a day, gradually increasing the time worn by a few hours each day. Don't wear them right away for intense exercise, but start by walking, after which you can gradually move on to running and other strenuous exercise. Once you are accustomed to the insoles, you can - and should - use them as much as possible.

Is there a break-in period?

Footbalance custom footbeds do not need to be broken in. They are formed to fit perfectly right away. But you may need time to grow accustomed to having proper support underfoot. To do this start off gradually. Wear your Footbalance insoles in your shoes for a few hours per day in the beginning, increasing the amount of time each day. Start with standing and walking, then gradually move on to running or more strenuous exercise. Do not take the footbeds out for a long run or other hard exercise on the first day. This will help your body adjust to the new support underfoot.

Allow time to adjust to your footbeds even if you have been wearing prescription or rigid orthotics or other brand insoles. Footbalance footbeds have a dynamic core that flexes to facilitate natural foot function, which workout muscles that have been too passive in the past. This is similar to resuming exercise after a long time off: muscles that have been ‘on vacation’ are now activated, which can cause initial muscle fatigue and soreness.


At what age can you get customized insoles?

We recommend Footbalance insoles for people age ten and up. Before the age of ten a child’s gait and feet are still developing. After that a person’s gait reaches a point in its development after which no significant changes occur.

What is the most common type of foot malposition?

Overpronation is by far the most common foot malposition. With overpronation, the foot rotates too far medially (inwards) while walking. Overpronation may be detected by pronounced wear on the instep side of shoe heels. With overpronation, the heel bone (calcaneus) rotates inwards; the longitudinal arch is lowered; the leg, thigh bone (femur) and hip rotate inwards; and anterior tilting of the pelvis results. The most common adverse effects of this are plantar fasciitis and inflammation, metatarsal pain, problems with the Achilles tendon, distemper, pain on the inside of the knee, and bursitis in the hip.

How do I know if I need custom insoles?

Footbeds and insoles specially formed for you support your feet in the proper, neutral position. This is crucial for people who over- or under- pronate, and can help those with re-curing foot, ankle or knee pain related to conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuroma or runner's knee, among others. Studies have shown that proper support underfoot can help prevent the progression of over- and under- pronation while offering relief from pain associated with foot, ankle and knee strains and injuries.

But you can still benefit from custom footbeds even without acute foot problems or if you have a neutral foot type! Custom insoles add a perfect, custom fit and all-day comfort to all types of footwear. If you spend many hours of your day on your feet, custom support underfoot can help keep your feet and lower back from tiring as easily. Good support for the feet has benefits across your body's entire kinetic chain, encouraging good alignment from your feet and legs up through your whole spine.

If you're still unsure, or want to know more about your foot type, it's an excellent idea to get a foot or gait analysis. These are offered at a variety of sport shops, as well as by many physical therapists, athletic trainers, coaches and doctors.


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