Lock Laces - Elastic shoelace & Fastening System - “No Tie” Lace Lock and Elastic Shoelace System $7.99
    Lock Laces - Elastic shoelace & Fastening System - “No Tie” Lace Lock and Elastic Shoelace System $7.99

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Lock Laces - No Tie Elastice Shoe Laces
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Lock Laces - No Tie Elastice Shoe Laces (1160N)

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Lock Laces - No Tie Elastice Shoe Laces

Lock Laces are a patented mens and womens elastic (bungee laces) no tie athletic shoelaces and fastening system. Engineered and designed to improve performance; tieless shoelaces keep laces locked and secure throughout a race, game, practice or workout. The safer alternative to velcro shoes. Get them now for your sneakers, walking shoes and hiking boots. Perfect for marathon running and every day casual use. 

  • Engineered and designed to improve performance and keep laces locked and secure throughout the course of a race, game, practice or workout
  • 48 inch laces, cut to fit
  • Never tie
  • Elastic laces provide stretch-fit comfort and locked in safety
  • Save time during transition


Product Description

LOCK LACES™ provide stretch-fit comfort and locked-in safety for all sports and casual use. LOCK LACES™ are a necessity for runners and triathletes improving performance and transition times. LOCK LACES™ are one size fits all. LOCK LACES™ are 48” inches in length. LOCK LACES™ are elastic and stretch to 72” inches in length.


LOCK LACES™ is the elastic shoelace and fastening system that you truly have to try to believe! With your very first step, you will feel the difference with LOCK LACES™. Made for competition, LOCK LACES™ is the only patented performance lacing system engineered to meet the demands of endurance athletes like runners, triathletes, marathoners, walkers, and other sports and fitness activities like hiking, gym class, biking, aerobics, and dancing. Unlike other products, wearing LOCK LACES™ sustains simple compression across the top of the foot increasing the amount of oxygen available to the muscles to help manage fatigue. LOCK LACES™ are perfectly designed to eliminate any tight spots, banding, and pressure points. The lightweight locking system and elastic laces are the perfect combination of strength, stretch and stability. LOCK LACES™ are fast, convenient and secure, so you can--Win. Never tie.

The right laces are important because all feet are uniquely shaped. Lacing a shoe contours the shoe to your own foot shape. The moment your foot flexes, the shape of your foot changes dramatically but the shape of your shoe does not. LOCK LACES™ are designed with the ability to change with the constantly changing contours of your feet and LOCK LACES™ look as good as they feel!

It is amazing how a small modification, like switching from traditional shoelaces to LOCK LACES™, can make in the comfort and performance of your shoes. Make your shoes stand out with over a variety color choices! LOCK LACES™ offers a spectacular improvement for a small investment—Wearing LOCK LACES™ is where fashion meets fitness.

Who can benefit from LOCK LACES™?

Everyone who wears lace up shoes!

Runners love LOCK LACES™ because LOCK LACES accommodate the changing terrain and foot fatigue.

Triathletes love LOCK LACES™ because of the quick transition ability from bike to run.

Seniors enjoy not having to bend down or fumble with laces and easily slipping on and off their shoes. The elasticity allows expansion to accommodate swelling feet without loss of stability.

Travelers appreciate the way LOCK LACES™ make going through airport security quick and easy. LOCK LACES™ even work great for any kind of boots!

Parents love LOCK LACES™ because they offer security of shoelaces never coming undone. Great for outdoor play and bike safety.

Kids love LOCK LACES™ simply for the ease of not having to tie shoelaces, and because having the right colors make your shoes look great.

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Lock Laces :

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