The RS800G3  - The most advanced training management system available. Combined with the new G3 GPS sensor it can measure speed, distance and heart rate over any terrain, under any conditions. Which means athletes can challenge their body and analyze their performance without limiting their trainin. $499.95
    The RS800G3 - The most advanced training management system available. Combined with the new G3 GPS sensor it can measure speed, distance and heart rate over any terrain, under any conditions. Which means athletes can challenge their body and analyze their performance without limiting their trainin. $499.95

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Polar RS800G3 Heart Rate Monitor
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Polar RS800G3 Heart Rate Monitor (90031765)

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Polar RS800G3 Heart Rate Monitor

  • All Polar Monitors come with Chest Transmitter
    - (except FA20, AW200 and CS100b)
  • All Polar products come with a 2 Year International Warranty
  • All Products are New
  • Lowest Dealer Prices - Guaranteed

RS800cx Multi G3

Replaced by the RS800cx Multi G3

The RS800G3 Running Computer with the G3 GPS sensor
For the runner who requires the best. The new RS800G3 is the ultimate monitor for planning, monitoring and analyzing training. Comes with massive memory capacity and the same running features as RS800, plus the new Polar G3 Sensor.

The G3 GPS sensor tracks your speed and distance whether you are running, skating, skiing, riding or rowing etc. By tracking your pace against your heart rate and environmental conditions you get a clear indication of your performance capability. And of course with the distance measurement from the GPS sensor you track your mileage wherever you train.

Suggested Retail: $499.95 (with G3)

The RS800G3 multisport training system is comprised of the RS800 wrist unit, Wearlink® W.I.N.D. heart rate transmitter, ProTrainer 5™ software and the G3 GPS Sensor. Athletes who already own an RS800 Training system can purchase the G3 GPS Sensor separately as an accessory.  .


Incorporating the SiRFstarIII™ chipset, the G3 GPS Sensor talks wirelessly to the RS8000 providing excellent coverage and optimal power consumption. A single AA battery provides up to 15 hours continual use. The G3 GPS Sensor is also water resistant and weighs only 80 grams (including battery), making it compact and built to withstand training in the harshest conditions, typical of many extreme adventure sports.


How the G3 GPS Sensor differs from the s3 Stride Sensor™    


The G3 GPS Sensor can be worn on the arm, attached to a belt, or even carried on top or inside a back pack. Movement in outdoor activities is tracked by GPS technology, which provides speed and distance data.


The s3 Stride Sensor, which can be used both outdoors and indoors, attaches to the shoe and uses sophisticated sensors to track the position of the foot, giving highly accurate speed, distance, leg cadence and stride length measurements. 


The RS800 can use both the G3 and the S3 however not at the same time. Use the S3 while running and the G3 during running as well as other activities. 

RS800sd comes with the Polar G3 GPS sensor. User-changeable battery and water resistant.
Soft textile chest transmitter with 2.4 GHz transmission which is disturbance free of all other electronic devices.
Running Index is based on heart rate and speed data measured during the running exercise. It gives daily information about the runner's performance level, both aerobic fitness and running economy. Improvement in running efficiency indicates improved economy of running performance.
The new Polar ProTrainer 5 is the most advanced and dynamic training, planning and analyzing software on the market. Easily prepare a detailed training program and transfer your daily training plan to your Polar Running Computer via infrared.
  • ECG Accurate Heart Rate
    Absolute (bpm) and relative (% HRmax) heart rate - easy to check and follow your workout intensity. Helps you train at the desired intensity.
  • Polar Fitness Test™ with OwnIndex®
    Predicts your maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) based on gender, age, height, body weight, level of physical activity, heart rate, and heart rate variability at rest.
  • OwnOptimizer™
    The training optimizer shows the status of your training load and helps you find the perfect balance between training and recovery
  • Your Online Running Coach
    Online training program and diary source at
  • Interval Trainer
    Allows you to create and name your own favorite time and/or heart rate. Speed/pace or distance guided workouts with up to three linked timers and up to three target zones.
  • 99 Memory Files
    Automatically stores all running data from the last 99 runs
  • 99 Laps with Total Recall
    Lap time, split time, heart rate and average lap heart rate. This feature also automatically identifies your best lap time, average lap time, average lap speed/pace and lap distance.
  • Polar Sport Zones
    Polar sport zones provides an easy way to select and monitor the intensity of your training and to follow Polar's sport zones based training programs.
  • Automatic Lapping
    With this feature you can set your running computer to take laps based on distance, every 1 mile, for example.
  • Altimeter
    Displays and records altitude information for route profiling and counting total meters climbed.

Optional S3 Stride Sensor™ W.I.N.D. vs. S1 Foot pod

Both speed and distance systems utilize inertial sensor technology, allowing the user to run wherever their run takes them, without the worry of losing a signal due to trees, tall buildings and cloud coverage like with GPS technology. The S3 stride sensor uses a stronger frequency at 2.4 GHz vs. 5 kHz in the S1, which allows for the transmission of running data to be disturbance free of all other electronic devices.

The S3 stride sensor also fits right into the Adidas AdiStar Fusion running shoe, which has a cavity built into the sole specifically for this product.

The Worlds First Integrated Training System

Snap the Polar WearLink W.I.N.D ® connecter onto your adiStar Fusion apparel, which uses Climacool® fabrics, and it collects your heart rate readings from textile sensors built-in to the shirt or bra, then sends them straight to your Running Computer.

The optional S3 Stride Sensor fits right into a cavity in the sole of the adiStar Fusion running shoe, where it measures every single stride and also sends your running data straight to your running computer.

At the center of your integrated training system is the POLAR RS800 Running Computer, the most advanced Running Computer ever. It continuously collects, records and displays all of your training data on the watch face. Once the training session is complete, the data can be downloaded to the Polar ProTrainer5™ software for in depth analysis.

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