The GRID: Revolutionary Foam Roller.  Features Distrodensity™ Zones, Matrix Technology and an environmentally friendly design. Being only 13' long and 5' in diameter. Includes SMRT-CORE 1 DVD $60
    The GRID: Revolutionary Foam Roller. Features Distrodensity™ Zones, Matrix Technology and an environmentally friendly design. Being only 13' long and 5' in diameter. Includes SMRT-CORE 1 DVD $60

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TriggerPoint GRID SMRT-CORE 1 Bundle Pack
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TriggerPoint GRID SMRT-CORE 1 Bundle Pack (TPT-SMRT-PK1)

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TriggerPoint GRID SMRT-CORE 1 Bundle Pack

Includes SMRT-CORE Level 1 DVD
The Grid: Revolutionary Foam Roller

Forget everything you've ever known about traditional foam rolling - The Grid
TMis here, and it's going to take foam rolling to a whole new level. 

The Grid features:
  • "Green" technology
    • Constructed with less foam than traditional foam rollers
    • Designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down
    • Built from EVA foam
  • The Matrix & Distrodensity Zones
    • Unique design allows for targeted massage:

  • Find the Distrodensity Zone that best suits your needs
  • Distrodensity allows for a more realistic massage experience
  • Core body workout versatility

  • Use The Grid to achieve a comprehensive core body workout
  • From crunches to bicycles to pushups - use it to challenge core muscles
  • Incorporate it into daily workout routines
  • Compact; travel with it and workout anywhere

We designed The Grid for athletes and people of all types - from long distance runners and endurance athletes to Crossfit competitors and major league sports players to soccer moms and yoga enthusiasts. 

Whether you're looking to massage your lats, quads, lower back, or any other large muscle group, or trying to achieve a killer core body workout, The Grid is certain to suit your needs.  The Grid is the most versatile and comprehensive foam roller and workout tool available. 

The Grid is also backed by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects - we're confident it won't break down or fail under normal use.  Try finding that guarantee with any of the traditional foam rollers out there.  Order yours today and find out why The Grid has everyone so excited! 

For those athletes and users that are looking for a more intensive and targeted Trigger Point massage experience, be sure to check out our core line of products like: the TP Massage Ball, Footballer, and Quadballer.

The Grid
and Distrodensityare trademarks of Trigger Point Performance, copyright 2009.  The Gridand Distrodensityare patent pending.
  • Being only 13" long and 5" in diameter, the sleek design of The Grid makes it an excellent travel companion

This level is our starting point and provides the foundational movements needed to perform all of the SMRT-CORE exercises.  By incorporating applied movements into our foundation exercises, you will engage your core and create a starting point for increasing strength and stability.

DVD contains:
SMRT-CORE Essentials- step by step instruction on ow to master all of the progression exercises contained within each level of the SMRT-CORE classes. Learn the steps on how to master the movements and challenge teh core while creating a self massage like no other foam roller.

Class Exercises- clearly explained so that you understand the movements for each exercise within the specific level.  Traditional exercises such as push ups, crunches, planks and bridges are modified to be performed with the body positioned on The Grid.  the exercise will be broken down so that you can add any additional exercises into your own routine.

Workouts- a warm-up and two workouts are included in each DVD.  Follow along with the classes to challenge yourself to a stronger, more stable core.  these classes are to be followed along with so that you can challenge yourself just like those that are on your TV screen.

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