TP QuadBaller w/video set and mesh bag $59.99
    TP QuadBaller w/video set and mesh bag $59.99

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TriggerPoint Massage QuadBaller
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TriggerPoint Massage QuadBaller (TPT-004)

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TriggerPoint Massage QuadBaller

Quadballer video

TP Massage QuadBaller

A new invention to the Trigger Point Technologies' family of therapeutic massage devices, the new QuadBaller compliments the TP Complete Set System by allowing the user to roll completely through the quads, IT band, lower back, hamstrings and neck in a safe effective manner... ON YOUR OWN... HANDS FREE!!! 


The QuadBaller, unlike other devices, gets in deep to the above mentioned areas while maintaining the essential feel and density of the human thumb, providing extremely effective soft tissue muscle manipulation that generates elasticity which equals wattage, power, and general comfort. 


For best results: The QuadBaller is best used when it is on the ground, but it is not limited to a wall, bench or countertop. The best times to use the QuadBaller as with any other of our therapeutic massage devices are before and after a training session, anytime on a rest day, and about an hour before you go to bed. Just remember to breathe deep, relax, and after manipulating the area, walk around to circulate elasticity, stretch for added benefit, drink water and maintain proper hydration. 



Indicated use for quadriceps and IT band area: With the QuadBaller on the ground, lye face down centering one leg just above the knee, or on the side of the leg where the IT band area is located. Take deep breaths to increase oxygen into the bloodstream. Now use your elbows (or hands) and opposite leg together to roll on the QuadBaller, moving it upward slowly while making small back and forth motions to ensure you are addressing any trigger points or adhesions that are present. Pause on any trigger points 5-7 seconds while breathing deeply. Repeat as necessary. In tight muscles, this can be quite sensitive, so apply pressure as needed and remember to breathe deeply and allow the muscle to relax. Continue to roll as high as you can to your hip flexors and glute area, but do not roll over bony prominences such as the pelvis, hip bone or knee. You should spend 2-3 minutes on a particular group, and then move on.  


Indicated use for QL/ Lower Back:
 For this exercise, you can use the QuadBaller on the wall or the floor. The wheels are made to protect the surface you are rolling on, not massage your back. So address the lower back with the patent pending technology between the wheels. Manipulate the muscle in this area to gain function and range of motion. Remember to breath deeply and spend 2 to 3 minutes in each area. 



Indicated use for neck area:  The QuadBaller provides easy access to the neck either on the wall or the floor. Since the muscles in the neck are smaller and thinner than larger muscle groups, less pressure and less movement is needed to manipulate this area. Place your neck on the QuadBaller against the wall and rotate neck side to side while breathing deeply addressing tight muscles and trigger points that usually dominate this region. Slowly roll up and down paying attention to the side of neck down to the upper trapezius. Use the TP Massage Ball to manipulate areas not accessible by the QuadBaller. 



Indicated use for hamstring area:  To relieve tightness in the hamstings, set the QuadBaller on the ground and place the back of your leg on it above the knee and work your way toward the buttocks. Breathe deeply while performing the muscle manipulation. This exercise is great before a run or after a hard workout to increase elasticity in a muscle group that is difficult to access.

The new QuadBaller is purposefully designed so you can access muscles easily, safely and effectively whenever you want to increase elasticity and decrease injury associated with tight, overused muscles.

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