TP Massage Ball,TP Massage FootBaller, Quad Baller and Baller Block $129.99
    TP Massage Ball,TP Massage FootBaller, Quad Baller and Baller Block $129.99

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TriggerPoint Massage Total Package
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TriggerPoint Massage Total Package (TPT-U6)

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TriggerPoint Massage Total Package

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Includes: TP Massage Ball, Footballer, Quadballer and Baller Block

Trigger Point Technologies is bringing relief to thousands of athletes afflicted with Plantar Fasciitis, IT Band Syndrome, Piriformis Syndrome, and more. With their Patent Pending technology, the TP Massage Ball, Footballer, Quadballer and Baller Block are designed to treat the problem vs. the symptom. Force feeding blood and oxygen into the belly of a muscle creates elasticity, resulting in wattage, power and general comfort.

The TP Massage Ball, Footballer and Quadballer’s dense materials mirror the feeling of a human thumb changing shape after five to seven seconds of pressure. The trigger point of the targeted muscle is then forced to relax, relieving the spasm.

The Baller Block aids in the effectiveness of the Footballer while also achieving structural integrity while driving.

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massageball video
Footballer video
Quadballer video

Trigger Point Technologies



FootBaller > Soleus and the Posterior tibialis

2-3 times a day

Remember to breath and keep the foot relaxed.

QuadBaller > quads (Rectus Femoris) and the IT Band Area with the Quadballer

2 times a day or as needed

Apply pressure as tolerated




ITB Area

TP Massage Ball > piriformis and lower back region

2 times a day or as needed

30 sec-1 minute

Notice how he externally rotates the knee.

Remember, if you sit on a ball for 20 minutes it will feel like you sat on a ball for 20 minutes.




Lower Back

TP Massage Ball and Block > Psoas

2 times a day or as needed

30 sec - 1 minute

(Notice how he uses the block agains a wall inorder to gain leverage over the psoas muscle. You can lean back or raise the leg to target the muscle properly)


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