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SportLegs Learn More

"My University of Washington professors say the idea behind SportLegs is ingenious, and we can’t understand why somebody didn’t try this sooner." -Triathlete and sports physiology student Cameron Chesnut, Post Falls, Idaho

"As a Pro team coach, it's my job to know which sport supplements really work.  SportLegs is the first sport supplement I've personally tested that does exactly what it promises." -Derin Stockton, Team Manager, Santa Cruz Bicycles/Intense Tire Systems race team, Temecula, California

 "C'mon.  Just a couple of minerals and a vitamin before sports?  If this stuff really worked, especially for sports at altitude, Pro mountain bike racers would be using it."

They do.

Mountain bike racer.
Smart, graceful, fearless.
SportLegs user since 2003.
U.S. National Champion, 2003 and 2004, Pro downhill.
2005 World Singlespeed Champ.

The legendary Marla Streb.
Proving forty's still sporty.

20-year-old Australian Trent Lowe has used SportLegs the last two seasons.  In 2005, he helped make the prestigious Subaru/Gary Fisher Pro mountain bike squad the winningest team in the sport.  Seeking an even bigger challenge, Trent has signed to join the 2006 Discovery Channel Pro road Cycling Team!

SportLegs user Sandra Tomlinson is the 2005 World Champion in 24-hour Women's Solo mountain bike racing in her highly competitive age category.  She also took a category win at the 24 Hours of Adrenalin in Conyers, Georgia October 8-9, 2005.  Sandra, a 36-year-old cardiac critical care nurse and single mother of three, says, "In 24 hour racing, it's the 'burn' that breaks your spirit.  With SportLegs, I get no 'burn', not even in the climbs."  Clearly playing at the top of her game, Sandra doesn't mind spreading the word: "There's nothing healthier that can do as much for your riding- and racing- as SportLegs."

"Thank you for making SportLegs.  When my dad forgets to give them to me, bicycle racing hurts.  And I go slow."
-Blake Van Vleet, 11, Oceanside, California

Blake and his sister Brittney, 13, prefer going fast.  At the 2005 Cross Country Mountain Bike National Championships at Mammoth, California, Blake won 3rd Place.  Brittney took 1st.  Here, 2-time National Downhill Champion Marla Streb (and fellow SportLegs user) congratulates them both.

Victory is sweet: Willow Koerber gulps champagne after her first NORBA National Cross-Country win in June 2004.  In the September 2004 issue of Mountain Biking magazine, she told editor Daisy Bauer SportLegs was what helped her widen her lead by another minute with each successive lap in the most remarkable victory of the season.                                               

27-year-old Willow was signed to the prestigious Subaru/Gary Fisher team this year.  And she still trains and races with her SportLegs.

"Hi, just wanted to let you know that after buying it for skiing, I started using your product for bicycling.  To be perfectly honest, its pretty amazing.  Even without Advil, which previously was a post workout given (and sometimes pre-workout), I experience much less soreness and quicker recovery.  This is besides the workout itself also being more intense due to the higher thresholds attainable.  To put it in terms that every avid cyclist would relate to, I can push about a cog or two bigger gear with the same perceived effort and lactic acid buildup.  To the same athlete, that is indeed very significant.  Are you sure there's nothing in there illegal or unhealthy?" -David Morris, Gush Etziyon, Israel

"After you've defeated cancer, you get really particular about what you put in your body.  You don't want to trigger a relapse.  SportLegs' simple, healthy ingredients make the cut.  And so does the performance.  I'd been trying to win a triathlon for four years.  This year, I added SportLegs to my training regimen.  And here I am on the way to my first victory in the Charleston Sprint Triathlon on July 10, 2005." -Charles Blackmon, 55, Kershaw, SC

                      From 120-capsule bottle label 

As the label shows, SportLegs' ingredients are nothing more than premium natural-source compounds of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, inside vegetarian capsules.  No additives, fillers, flow agents or excipients that might upset your stomach.  Healthy, and legal for international competition.  So how do they do so much more than ordinary calcium-magnesium supplements?

The form determines the function.
The patented SportLegs difference is that we use premium lactate (not lactose) compounds of these healthy vitamins and minerals.  When you take SportLegs an hour before sports, they raise your blood lactate level, just like what ordinarily happens during sports.  Elevated blood lactate is the signal which tells tells muscles not to make so much lactic acid.  The result: Your muscles don't make more lactic acid than they need for you to perform at your very best.  With less painful muscle "burn" during sports, and less soreness afterward.  Depending on how competitive you are, you'll either think of SportLegs as a pain preventative, or a performance enhancer.  Or maybe a little of both.  Either way, you're going to love it.

SportLegs helped 36-year-old Gale Dahlager of Jackson Hole achieve her goal of earning a spot on the U.S. National mountain bike racing Team in 2003 and 2004.  Gale says, "You get awfully picky about what sport supplement you take when you have to pee in a cup after the race.  If you do take something, it has to be legal.  And it has to really work.  Otherwise, why take the risk?"

Performance improvements confirmed in University tests.
In Fall 2003, Ohio's Kent State University performed clinical studies under Exercise Science Professor Dr. Ellen Glickman, a Fellow of the respected American College of Sports Medicine.  In formal randomized, double-blind trials, twelve subjects aged 19-28 who took SportLegs an hour before testing were able to continue exercise against steadily increasing resistance  an average 11.2% longer compared to placebo capsules.  VO2max aerobic capacity increased 12.8%.  Most important, Anaerobic Threshold, the point where you run into the agony of muscle "burn" increased 15.6%.  For comparison, most legal performance enhancers show performance increases in low single-digit percentages.

"I wish I'd known about this stuff years ago.” -Gary Smith, Waddell, Arizona

“SportLegs gave me back the feeling I could go ski anytime, anywhere, with anybody, and not worry about the leg ache.  And I wasn’t sore either, afterwards.  I’m sold.” – Ski shop owner Wendy Christensen, Winter Park, Colorado

“And even though I’m playing better, longer, I’m not as sore the next day.  I would have expected to be more sore, not less.  SportLegs are amazing.” – Soccer coach Paul Fekete, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Read what people like you have told us about their experiences with SportLegs...

Learn more  about how SportLegs works...

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