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Plantar Fasciitis Article

Plantar Fasciitis is generally known as pain in the bottom of the heel. It’s funny how every time there is pain in the bottom of the foot it is usually addressed as Plantar Fasciitis. There is no real standard to the breed. Regardless of how it is defined, pain is pain.

We, at Trigger Point Technologies, do not show you how to treat the bottom of the foot; we show you what we believe is the root cause of the problem. In the lower leg, the Tibialis Posterior is a muscle located just underneath the Soleus and Gastrocnemius and connects from the arch of the foot all the way to the back of the knee. In the picture below you will see the source of the actual problem, which causes the symptoms in the bottom of the foot.

Logic tells us to treat the muscles that are pulling on or from the insertion point rather than treating the bottom of the foot alone. (Please also read dehydration information below.)

Using the Starter Set to eliminate Plantar Fasciitis:

As you will see below, the TP Footballer is designed to address the Soleus and Tibialis Posterior region. By force-feeding blood and oxygen into this area, we are creating elasticity in the muscle that is needed to relieve the pulling at the insertion points. You will find that the calf region is very sensitive and is the true source of your foot pain. It is best to use the TP Footballer before and after activity and within an hour and a half before going to bed. Each manipulation should last between 3-4 minutes, and it is imperative that you breathe deeply and keep your foot relaxed. The movement is extremely slow and specific to the two-inch area above your Achilles' tendon. The TP Footballer should only roll on the Block a few inches. The manipulation will be both up-and-down and side-to-side for cross-friction. By turning the leg inward, it will intensify the manipulation on the Tibialis Posterior. You must walk around after each treatment so that the blood and oxygen gets distributed - increasing circulation in the entire area. To see the TP Footballer in motion and to better understand what we are talking about click here.

You should also use the TP Massage Ball in the upper part of the calf. The TP Masasge ball should be placed in the center of the meaty part of the calf. Apply pressure and slight movements as tolerated. This brings additional blood-flow to the top of the lower leg.

Myths of icing:

Be careful not to over-ice. When it is necessary, only ice for about 8 minutes maximum. Any longer and a loss of elasticity will set in - like putting a steak in the freezer. Of course, as with any injury, consult your physician.

Potential Harm with Stretching:

If you stretch without having elasticity within the muscle first, adhesions and scar tissue will force the muscle to act as a rope rather than a bungee cord. As we mentioned before, elasticity is defined as the muscle rebounding to its natural state, like a bungee cord. Trying to forcibly stretch a non-elastic or damaged muscle (a rope) will jeopardize the head and the tail (insertion points) of the muscle.

Red Flags:

  • If both stretching and icing are done at the same time you can lose elasticity in the muscles rapidly - potentially causing major damage. So please be very careful if choosing this method and consult your physician.

  • Dehydration is also a key factor for muscular dysfunction. Once you become dehydrated, adhesions will occur causing all the separate muscles to stick together. Once the muscles stick together, they no longer act independently. The muscles act as one unit, which can cause multiple problems and reduce power output.

Below are some causes of a tight Soleus/Tibialis Posterior area and dysfunctional feet, along with some key points for prevention.


Anytime the heel is above the toes, the Soleus area is overworked and loses elasticity. Situations where this may occur include:

1) Speed workouts (running)

2) Running/walking hills

3) Walking in hard-bottom shoes or high heels

4) Improper shoe fit or foot bed (orthodic)

5) Dropping the heel on the bike during the pedalstroke

6) Coming up onto toes when running

7) Sleeping with toes pointed

8) Sitting with knees out and arch pointing up at the sky

9) Over-pronation or supination


1) Treat the problem, not just the symptoms. Use the Starter Set to treat the Tibialis Posterior with the TP Footballer and Baller Block (see pictures below) regularly before exercise to prevent the injury. Use the TP Massage Ball in the upper part of the calf to produce great results as well.

2) Sleep on your side or stomach and hang your feet off the end of the bed so they can be positioned at a 90 degree angle. Or, untuck the sheets and blankets at the end of the bed so your feet can relax in a neutral position (90 degrees) while lying on your back.

3) Use the Baller Block to create better posture and body alignment:

a) Use between your knees when sitting (pictured below)

b) Use between the car door and your left leg when driving (pictured below)

TPT Products:


TP Footballer:
Soleus and the Posterior tibialis
2 x 3 times a day.
60-80% of Pressure
Remember to breath keep the foot relaxed


TP Massage Ball: Calf area (not in the lower soleus region)
(very sensitive and very specific, moderation)

1 x 2 times a day

30 - 60 % of Pressure



Double Ball: (please see picture) gain leverage on both sides of the soleus. This is very specific and can be paiful. After achieving the above manipulations with little pain move on to this one.

Compression socks are also an awesome idea when doing speed workouts or build up weeks.

Check out the TP Footballer in Motion!

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