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Mental Energy formula
with neuro brain boosters

Motivator is a new energy formula that can enhance mental and physical performance. It contains a scientific blend of thermogenic and energizing herbs plus neurotransmitter precursors.

Experience the synergy of choice ingredients to "Perk up" before exercise, or "fire up" during exercise, or you may take it as a "pick me up" anytime for a blast of energy.

Vitamin C (as Ester C); Vitamin B-6: Pantothenic Acid: Guarana Seeds Extract (standardized for 22% caffeine); L-Tyrosine; Taurine; Gingko Biloba Leaves Extract (standardized for 24% flavanoid glycosides); Vinpocetine (Purified from Vinca Minor, Dwarf Periwinkle Plant); DMAE Bitartrate

Tyrosine is an important amino acid that is a precursor to a number of neurotransmitters related to our feeling of well being. A deficiency of these neurotransmitters will result in low moods and a reduced ability to cope with stress. Studies have indicated a marked increase in ability to deal with stress, as well as improved endurance to anxiety and stress under fatigue when supplementing with Tyrosine. Studies have also shown that tyrosine supplementation results in increased performance while under stressful conditions.

Besides helping with multiple other functions, tyrosine is important because of its ability to convert to the mood elevating neurotransmitters, norepinephrine & dopamine, in the brain. Additionally, Tyrosine converts to thyroid hormone & to adrenaline which is produced by the adrenal gland in response to stress. Supplementation helps in the process. Tyrosine improves motivation, drive, and concentration.

A Study (Deijen JB, et al Department of Clinical Neuropsychology, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) noted that Tyrosine improves cognitive performance and reduces blood pressure in cadets after one week of a combat training course: ” findings suggest that supplementation with tyrosine may, under operational circumstances characterized by psychosocial and physical stress, reduce the effects of stress and fatigue on cognitive task performance.”

Gingko Biloba and Mental Alertness
Neurotransmitters, the chemicals in the brain responsible for all body functions, are dependent upon nutrients. Nutritional depravation starves the brain and is a major factor in the deterioration of memory. Blood carries nutrients to the brain. Ginkgo Biloba increases blood flow to the brain, especially the cerebellum, thereby enhancing neurotransmitters by increasing oxygen levels. Enhanced blood circulation to the brain improves and increases reaction time, and increases mental acuity. Studies indicate that Ginkgo increases alertness and mental responsiveness in healthy people.

Chemical Constituency of Gingko biloba extract in MOTIVATOR is standardized to 24% gingkoflavonglycosides. Of course, it contains numerous other beneficial compounds, but flavonglycosides are the main active ingredients. Gingko biloba extract is readily absorbed in the human body and almost 60% becomes available for use in the body.

DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) FOR BRAIN STIMULATION
DMAE is a precursor to the B Vitamin Choline. Choline does not easily pass the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Choline is the material from which the body manufactures acetylcholine, which transmits electrical impulses in the brain and nervous system. Like its parent compound choline, acetylcholine does not readily pass the BBB. No matter how much dietary or supplemental choline is received, or how much of the vitamin is present in the blood, a person can still have low amounts of acetylcholine in the brain. Luckily, nature provides us with DMAE that can pass the barrier to the brain, and be converted to choline and acetylcholine. Aside from being a choline precursor, performing all the functions of Choline, DMAE itself has several functions. It is a very efficient antioxidant and free-radical deactivator. It stabilizes lyosome membranes, preventing the rupture of these scavenger bodies, which would result in leakage of collected toxins and protein-damaging enzymes. DMAE also appears to bring about repair of damaged cell membranes. Studies with radioactive tracers show that DMAE is rapidly incorporated into the cell membranes. DMAE also has several positive influences on red blood cells and stimulates the brain.

DMAE increases Attention Span; mildly stimulates the Central Nervous System; increases Alertness; reduces Apathy and increases Motivation; increases Acetylcholine levels within the Brain.

Pfeiffer, C., et al. Stimulant effect of 2-Dimethyl-l-aminoethanol (DMAE): Possible precursor of brain acetylcholine. Science. 126:610-611, 1957.
Caille, E. J. Study concerning the bisorcate demanol effects upon quantified EEG, cortical vigilance and mood. Comparative double-blind, cross-over balanced design versus pirisudanol. Psychol. Med. 18:2069-2086, 1986.
Pieralisi, G., et al. Effects of dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate (DMAE), vitamins, minerals and trace elements on physical performance during exercise. Clin Ther. 13(3):373-382, 1991.

VINPOCETINE (Purified from Vinca Minor, Dwarf Periwinkle Plant)
Vinpocetine is chemically related to, and derived from vincamine, an alkaloid found in the periwinkle plant. Vinpocetine was introduced into clinical practice in Europe more than two decades ago for its role in cerebrovascular disorders and related symptoms. Experiments with vinpocetine indicate that it can dilate blood vessels, enhance circulation in the brain, improve oxygen utilization, make red blood cells more pliable, and inhibit aggregation of platelets. Vinpocetine even has antioxidant properties. Levels peak in the bloodstream within an hour and a half after ingestion. Vinpocetine easily crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Vinpocetine also enhances the brain's use of oxygen by increasing the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the body's cellular fuel). Extended physical activity brings about a general depletion in oxygen. Vinpocetine increases oxygen availability in the brain and therefore may enhance performance by increasing mental power in a oxygen-rich brain environment, thereby enhancing muscular coordination as well.

Guarana is a trusted powerful stimulant that has been used for centuries keeping the body active and the mind alert in a balanced way. It contains a variety of natural stimulants similar to caffeine although considerably stronger without side effects. The active ingredient is Guaranine which is well known for its revitalising qualities in stimulating the nervous system. Although it acts as a stimulant, it also has a calming effect on one's system.

The caffeine is released slowly--over as much as 6 hours--so the energy boost that is experienced from Guaraná is not like that of coffee (with a sudden rush and quick drop-off), but continues to escalate over hours.

For all these ingredients to properly convert to their bio-available substances, and or perform their multiple & almost magical conversions, they need precursors and co-factors such as Vitamin C (as Ester C), Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic acid) and B-6 (Pyridoxal-5-phosphate.

suggested use:
As a dietary supplement, before extended activity take Two capsules with 8 oz of water. Another Two capsules may be taken after a few hours during the activity. You may take up to Six capsules during extended activity. Do not take more than Six capsules per day.


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