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CALPLEX Product Information

sports calcium formula
optimal bone mass, bone strength, prevent stress fractures, prevent osteoporosis

Each serving size (FOUR tablets) provides Calcium (1000 mg) and Magnesium (500 mg) as high performance Krebs Cycle Mineral Complex in a perfect ratio of 2:1.
(Does not contain any Calcium Carbonate, which is less bioavailable and less expensive).
For best assimilation - contains organic chelated forms of Manganese, Copper, Selenium and Boron, with Vitamin D-3, Vitamin B-5, B-6, C & K.
CALPLEX (120 tablets) is your best choice.

calcium supplements and your choice
There are many calcium supplements on the market which claim to provide RDA of calcium in forms which cannot be easily assimilated by your body - calcium from Oyster shells, Egg shells, even antacid tablets such as TUMS. These products are basically mint-flavored chalk, or calcium carbonate.

Calcium carbonate is known to block absorption of iron as well as other trace minerals from the gut. Then there is calcium from Dolomite and Bone meal - do not use these as a source of calcium. They often contain lead and other toxic heavy metals.

CALPLEX multi-nutrient synergy
Calcium by itself does not build a molecule of bone. Multi-nutrient synergy is essential for bone growth. Scientific evidence indicates that for enhanced assimilation of calcium, along with the right forms of calcium (as organic minerals) your body has to have adequate supplies of at least the following necessary nutrients in correct proportions and forms: Magesium, Manganese, Boron, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, and Vitamin D. CALPLEX contains all these synergistic ingredients. This combination is efficiently assimilated and does not block the absorption of iron and trace minerals in the gut.

Calcium and Magnesium as exclusive and proprietary brand of high performance Krebs Cycle Mineral Complex supplied in equal amounts as citrates, aspartates, succinates, malates, fumarates, and alpha-ketoglutarates; Vitamin D-3; Vitamin B-6; Pantothenic acid; Vitamin C (as Ester C); Chelated highly bioavailable organic minerals of Zinc (as OptiZinc); Copper; Manganese; Selenium; and Manganese.

suggested use:
Following our own findings of low calcium intake in many athletes, and active individuals, we suggest using four tablets of CALPLEX every day. This dosage provides 1000 mg of calcium along with all the other essential nutrients to correct calcium deficit. There is no reported toxicity for calcium intakes up to 2500 mg/day. Take two tablets of CALPLEX between breakfast and lunch and two tablets before bed, at night. Or take four tablets immediately before bed at night.

athletes and calcium deficiency
Athletes in a wide variety of sports, including such diverse disciplines as basketball, hockey, skating, swimming, bicycling, running, and gymnastics have deficient intakes of calcium. Studies show that bone mineralization increases tremendously in response to the stress of exrecise. This increased density of bone requires greater calcium intake in order to build and maintain it.

female athletes
Female athletes are especially vulnerable because their bone metabolism is always on the edge of disaster. Amenorrhea (loss of periods) caused by the detrimental affects of intense exercise on hormone balance, occurs in up to 40 % of elite female athletes. Unless mineral intake is absolutely optimal this hormonal imbalance causes significant excretion of body calcium cannibalized from their bones. The high protein intake of many athletes also causes increased excretion of calcium, often resulting in a negative calcium balance.

athletes and optimal bone strength
The body of a 70 kg (154 lb) athlete contains about 1.3 kg (2.85 lb) of calcium. About 99 % of that is in the bones. The remaining 1% moves about controlling conduction of impulses along nerves, contraction of muscles, and a myriad of other functions. It is extremely important for the athlete to maintain the level of calcium outside the bones (blood calcium levels). If the calcium intake is inedequate for even one day, then the body cannibalizes its own skeleton to make up the deficit.

Optimal bone strength is essential for all athletes. Stress fractures from weak bones are almost epidemic in American athletes. The first step to address this problem is to obtain proper calcium intake. Particulary if the athletes is between the age of 12 and 35, when maximun bone mass and bone strength is achieved.


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