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Who Is Using the Marc Pro?

What Customers are Saying About the Marc Pro…

“I’m getting to be an old man in the world of elite athletes. MARC PRO helps me recover like a young man,”

– Jesse Moore, Category 1 racer with the California Giant/Specialized racing team.

“The Raw Milk Cats did not only set a new 50+ record, but we also set an overall transcontinental record racing at an average speed of 19.22 mph and blowing away the competition (2011 Race Across America). We used the Marc Pro units diligently between our 4 hour shifts. I really felt that it helped my muscles to recovery and enabled them to hammer every four hours. I was amazed at how I got stronger every day of the race, and part I attribute to the Marc Pro.”

– Catharina Berge, Team member and one of the world’s best female ultra-cyclists

“I have been using the technology that powers the MARC PRO device for more than twenty-five years … it’s a great product that I recommend to anyone competitive!”

– Gary Vitti, M.S., ATC Head Athletic Trainer, Los Angeles Lakers

“As an author of 24 fitness books and 1500 fitness articles, as well as an international fitness lecturer, I am pleased to report that our research with the MARC PRO device has been so positive that I personally use and highly recommend this excellent tool.”

– Wayne Westcott, Ph.D, Fitness Expert, Author, Research Scientist

“The MARC PRO device is easy to use and very effective. I am especially impressed by the fact that it helps to reduce post-exercise fatigue and speeds recovery.”

– Nicholas A. DiNubile, M.D., World-Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon and Best-Selling Author

The MARC PRO device is easy to use, it is best in its class, it delivers on its promises, it’s not chained to an outlet and … I’d never consider leaving home without it”

– Dr. Jeff Spencer, DC, 8 Time Tour de France Winning Team Doctor

“I use my Marc Pro for recovery during training and racing”

– Rory Sutherland, 2012 UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team

“Basically it’s flushing out the system similar to a massage. You can feel the blood pumping back up towards your heart re-circulating essentially giving you that fresh leg feeling… Feels comfortable; it’s good.”

– Jake Keough, 2012 UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team

“I brought my Marc Pro with me every time I was traveling to a race, all over the world. It is small enough to fit in my back pack. Marc Pro quickly became an important ally for my job as a professional athlete. It helped me to recover between stages and after hard training days. Thanks Marc Pro.”

– Davide Frattini, 2011 UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team

“The MARC PRO helps me recover to my fullest every day, so I can train and compete to my fullest the next day.”

– Giddeon Massie, two time Olympian, multiple US Cycling Champion

“I use the Marc Pro system as my daily recovery routine, it has been integral in keeping training at my best and recovering at my best”

– Christian Meier, 2011 UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team

“It’s a great recovery tool. It definitely helps after hard training rides and massages to flush the muscles. Also, I used it after a crash and it decreased the swelling considerably and the road rash healed faster than ever.”

– Max Jenkins, 2011 UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team

“The Marc Pro is great for recovery because after using it my muscles are more relaxed and recovered the following day.”

– Morgan Schmitt, 2011 UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team (No longer rides with UHC)

“Hi, just wanted to let you know that i used the Marc Pro extensively this weekend. It made a huge difference in my recovery. I did the Tulsa Tough Deuce Challenge. The Deuce is over 100 miles both Saturday and Sunday in under 5 hours. These were not flat rides. Both days had over 4,500 vertical feet of climbing. The previous oldest person to beat the challenge was 54 years old. I am turning 62 in two weeks and made the second day with 14 minutes to spare. I do not think I could have done it with out the recovery from the use of the Marc Pro.”

– Larry Krutka; Owner Krutka Fitness – Tulsa, OK

“I spent the weekend at the Merco Cycling Classic, and used my Marc Pro unit for a minimum of two hours each night for recovery purposes. When I awoke each day, I didn’t feel the usual tired, sore legs that I experienced in the past with stage races. Last night I returned home from the race, and neglected to use up my Marc Pro before bed. When I awoke today, I had dead-feeling, sore legs. I won’t make that mistake again!”

– Nate Freed, Strava Cycling Team

“I’ve been using the Marc Pro for three months and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my ability to recover faster and train harder. In cycling, your ability to recover is paramount. The Marc Pro does just that. I had my first stage race of the year last weekend in Merced. The whole weekend was extremely taxing on the legs, with long miles and lots of intensity. I used the Marc Pro after every stage and was able to come back the next day feeling fresh and ready to hammer. Thanks Marc Pro!”

– Justin Rossi, Strava Cycling Team

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