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Approximately 2 yrs ago, I fractured my right ankle playing softball. It still hasn't made a full recovery & recently became inflamed with swelling & pain. Since I'm a bartender sitting down on the job is not an option.

To beat the heat in Colorado, I decided to hit the gym & cool off in the pool when a member was wearing a device on his head. I had to inquire since I am what my friends call a gadget girl (laptop, MP3, PDA, portable DVD, etc). He allowed me to try his new SwiMP3. It was absolutely amazing. I was speechless, which is rare for me. My Passion for swimming has recently excelled to a whole new level. The SwiMP3 is most dynamic product on the market.

Since my purchase, I've been back to the gym everyday. I've been hyping your product to every swimmer. On Thursday, three of us in the pool were wearing the SwiMP3.

This week I purchased the Z2 fins. Hope they have the same effect. Thank you for producing a wonderful product.

Tammy Hamilton Lone Tree, Colorado

Your SwiMP3 is AWESOME!!!! I’ve waited forever for something like this and the sound quality is better than I imagined. It has allowed me to get back into the pool after a high school knee injury and I can swim with great enjoyment while not worrying about the pain of long swims. Thank you for coming out with such a GREAT product.

My husband gave me my "dream come true" for my birthday. The Finis MP3 player is wonderful! Not only can I hear my choice of music without having to change batteries every four hours, the sound comes through loud and clear! With the addition of the Finis MP3 player in my life, long, long, open water events are now a reality! Thanks to my techno savvy husband and Finis, my dream contraption has come true! Thank you for making this middle-aged swimmer a very happy one!

Regards, Patty Gray Mesa, Arizona

I've been dubbed "the gadget lady" at my pool, especially since I started using the SwiMP3! The other swimmers in my club get a kick out of the fact that they can hear my music in intervals when my head comes out of the water. Another swimmer who swam in the lane next to me who wears ear plugs could actually hear the music underwater and commented on it. We had the same musical taste and I wondered why he was swimming along side me.

I love loading it up with either rock n' roll or classical - or whatever suits my fancy. It is a great companion to have in the water, particularly for those long swims. Very cool!

Marian Briones Fremont, California


Hi There!

We recently purchased one of your mp3 players from a retailer in order to write a product review for I wanted to give you the review so that you could possibly use these constructive comments if you decide to develop a new model or change the existing model for any reasons. Your review is also located here:

The Finis SwiMP3 Underwater MP3 Player is one the best underwater music technologies has found in a long time! The sound is superior underwater and there are no uncomfortable earplugs, simply two speakers that you wear on your cheek bones just in front of your ears. The mp3 player stays in place without any re-adjusting and the speakers don't move around if you do flip turns. It's a GREAT design!

The device is very light in weight and has minimal buttons, which is both good and bad.  Because there are so few buttons, each have many functions, and it is a bit complicated to set up. For instance, when we tried to change the volume, the play list kept starting over because they are the same button. It is also somewhat complicated to disconnect from the computer. We also found that the highly acclaimed  "Lane 4" goggles that are part of the set are a standard size and a bit large for a woman or child's face. If you decide to purchase this item, you may want to attach them to your own goggles. After you get the hang of the device, we promise that you will not be disappointed with the sound quality, general fit of the mp3 player and the price.

I hope this is helpful! Personally, I use your mp3 player for every long distance swim I do, which is 2-4 times each week. Thank y
ou for developing something that is light weight, great quality and affordable!

Niki Dobbyn

Just a few lines to thank you for your wonderful product. Although I do not swim competitively, since I begin using the SwiMP3 player for my swimming routine, I not only enjoy the work out more, but also I have increased the number of laps that I swim, since I am now “entertained.”

Andrew H. Jacobus Miami, Florida

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