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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Can Trigger Point help my cycling?

As a cyclist, I am sure you have explored the world of bike fitting and power testing. You are on a constant quest to see how light you can get your bike. We all spend endless dollars every year trying to get the latest in technology to make our bikes go faster, ride smoother and look cool in the process. It is amazing to me that the one thing that is overlooked time and time again is the machine that makes the bike move.

The human body is an awesome machine. It allows us to do what we want, when we want. At the first sign of discomfort while riding, we try to change our seat height, stem length, cleats or pedals. I think you understand what I am trying to say. Have you ever thought to realize you might be neglecting your muscles?

You overtrain and become dehydrated and sleep deprived, all the while still trying to go as fast or far as humanly possible. Your muscles are starving for the attention they deserve. Rather than addressing the real issue, you try to make changes to the “car.” Unfortunately, you forget about the “oil” that allows the car to function properly.

I recently wrote an
article for runners stating that Trigger Point Technologies creates the “oil” for the human muscle fiber by creating elasticity within the muscles to allow them to do their job. If your car runs out of gas you can easily refuel. If your car runs out of oil, the engine locks up and you’ve got a rough road ahead to get it back into operation. You fuel up by eating energy bars and drinking fluid replacement drinks, thinking that will be enough. What about the oil, the blood flow and oxygen, to allow the muscles to have a superior level of productivity? You have to create and maintain the oil, and we at Trigger Point Technologies are going to let you know how.

The average driver changes the oil in their car every 3,000 miles, which realistically means you really change it about every 3,000–5,000 miles. Typically, your car can handle this type of abuse, because your purpose for driving is to get you from point A to point B. Now, if you were racing your car, you would change the oil every time you got out on the track. You would want to make sure the engine was 100% and able to meet your expectations. The reason I use this analogy is because if you are doing nothing more that getting through life with minimal exercise then the once-in-a-blue moon muscle manipulation might suffice. If you are an athlete or a “bike racer” you need to replace the oil every time you get out on the road, otherwise you are doing a disservice to what you are trying to achieve. If you create elasticity by force-feeding blood and oxygen into the center or belly of the muscle, the result is added power, resulting in better performance. Therefore, your muscles are able to withstand a longer level of activity without breaking down.

We recently went to the wind tunnel at Texas A&M with John Cobb. The results from this awesome opportunity solidified what we have been saying for the past year and a half. If you don’t create elasticity or “oil” within the muscle you might as well be satisfied with average results at best.

If you manipulate the muscles in the manner that we at Trigger Point Technologies have defined, you will be a more biomechanically sound cyclist and a more efficient athlete. As a cyclist, you might be the fastest or the slowest, but you are still putting an enormous amount of effort into it. This defines you as an athlete, so treat your body as such. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, your electrolytes are high, your nutrition is proper, and that you are removing the toxins set within the muscles. We believe that by manipulating the muscles on an everyday basis, you are going to be a better athlete because you are giving your muscles the attention they deserve.

Below is a list of muscle manipulations we believe will make the difference between your personal best and your personal defeat. If achieved before and after you run, your body will feel more active versus reactive. An active muscle you can depend on; a reactive muscle is unpredictable. This is going to allow you to run forward rather than up and down. Up and down is a waste of time and effort; forward will get you where you want to go.

Muscle Manipulations

I) Start with the soleus muscle located just below your calf. Use the TP Massage FootBaller to manipulate this area and elevate with the Baller Block. Remember to keep your foot relaxed and to take deep breaths. If you do not incorporate proper breathing, the manipulation will not work. This manipulation should last 2 to 3 minutes on each leg. For best results, perform this treatment especially before a run.

II) The second area that you want to address is the quads, specifically the rectus femoris and the TFL. The best way to manipulate these areas is to use the new TP Massage QuadBaller. It allows you to use your own body weight, not your hands, to create the desired elasticity. The manipulation should take a few minutes on each leg. Don’t forget to breathe deeply. By doing this manipulation, you are going to allow your pelvis to seat properly on your hips. Otherwise, once your pelvis starts to tilt the IT Bands, hamstrings and lower back become reactive versus active.

III) If needed, address the piriformis. This is the pain in your butt. When your piriformis is in spasm your stride is shortened and any pelvic tilt is intensified. When manipulating this area use the TP Massage Ball in the buttock cheek, hold for 3 to 5 seconds and take a deep breath. Then raise the associated knee outward and upward towards your shoulder. The manipulation should last about 30 seconds.

This is a very helpful way to keep you running day in and day out. Whether it is a race or training day, the results are amazing. For more specific information please visit the "Injury Prevention section on our website to educate yourself so you can BE your potential rather than just desire your potential


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