Polar USB IR Interface Kit - For 2-way data transfer to and from a PC. Use with the Polar s810, s810i, s720i, s710i, s710, s725x, s610i, s625x or s610. $39.95
    Polar USB IR Interface Kit - For 2-way data transfer to and from a PC. Use with the Polar s810, s810i, s720i, s710i, s710, s725x, s610i, s625x or s610. $39.95

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Polar USB IR Interface Kit
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Polar USB IR Interface Kit (391025025)

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Polar USB IR Interface Kit

  • All Polar Monitors come with Chest Transmitter
    - (except FA20, AW200 and CS100b)
  • All Polar products come with a 2 Year International Warranty
  • All Products are New
  • Lowest Dealer Prices - Guaranteed

The Polar USB IR is being replaced by the new Polar IrDA 2.0 adapter

Pic of Polar IrDA 2.0
Now compatable with more Polar monitors (Polar F55F, F55M, AXN500, AXN700, RS400, RS800, S610i, S710i, S720i S810i, S625X, S725, S725X)

Polar USB IR Interface Kit - For 2-way data transfer to and from a PC using the Polar Precision Performance Software included with the Polar s810i, Polar s725, Polar s725x, Polar s720i, Polar s625x, and Polar s610i.

The Polar Precision Performance Software is a ground-breaking analysis software that gives you high-tech tools for gathering and studying the data provided by your heart rate monitor. Using your own PC, you can design your training sessions, build a personal resource of past routines, reports and performance details or send settings and reminders to your Polar Heart Rate Monitor using infrared communication.

Also available for RS 232 Serial Port Serial IR Interface

Different Polar products use different methods for transferring information to a computer.

Infrared Connection
You can transfer exercises from Polar S610i, Polar S625X, Polar S710i, Polar S720i, Polar S725, Polar S725X and Polar S810i via an infrared connection. In addition, you can use Polar IR Interfaces or other manufacturers' IrDA supported IR interfaces. A computer's internal infrared port can also be used. With Polar S610, Polar S710 and Polar S810 data transmission is enabled through Polar IR Interfaces only.

Action data from Polar AXN500 and Polar AXN700 can NOT be transferred using this device. They require a IrDA compatible infrared interfaces, for example, a computer's internal infrared port. The The New USB 2.0 IrDA is compatible.

UpLink connection allows you to transfer different settings made with Polar Precision Performance analysis software to all Polar S-series and Polar AXN wrist units. Settings are transferred through the computer's speakers or headphones. You can also make and transfer settings to your wrist unit, as well as transfer logos from Polar web site, using Polar UpLink Tool.

SonicLink data transfer can be used with Polar S410, Polar S510 and Polar S520. Exercises are transferred through the computer's microphone. Note that you can transfer exercise data via SonicLink to Polar Precision Performance analysis software only from wrist units that record samples. For example, some Polar Fitness Heart Rate Monitors have the SonicLink feature, but they do not record samples.

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